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Back 9 List: How To Combat Golfer’s Withdrawal

We’ve made the turn and are on the back 9 of winter. Here is my Back 9 List™ to help you get through this tough stretch of holes. Let’s see if we can par out!

  • Hole #10 Watch Golf Movies: This is a Back 9 List™ in itself! 9 of my favourite golf movies in no particular order. Tin cup, Dead Solid Perfect, Happy Gilmore, Follow The Sun, Caddyshack, The Legend of Bagger Vance, Bobby Jones-Stroke of Genius, The Greatest Game Ever Played, Babe. Watching one per week will get you to April!
  • Hole #11 Play Golf: That’s right, play golf! Find some old orange golf balls, grab a 7 iron and make a course out of your front yard, your back yard and your driveway! (this ones for the true die hard golfer)
  • Hole #12 Go South: Take a trip south and play some real golf. This is a great way to get the rust off and tune up for the spring. You will come back refreshed and ready for your season!
  • Hole #13 Attend a Golf Show: There are Golf & Travel Shows in northern cities at this time of year. You can see all the new products that are out for this season and there is usually a driving range area for you to hit balls and try out the newest equipment. You can also find some great deals for your golf trip!
  • Hole #14 Yell FORE!: You can do this anytime, anywhere! Whenever you feel the urge, yell FORE at the top of your lungs! This is a great stress reliever! (ok, I’m losing it now)
  • Hole #15 Have a Party With a Golf Theme: Putting tournaments, video golf games, wear golf clothes, Shooters (Broken Down Golf Carts are my fav!). Every hole is the 19th. hole!
  • Hole #16 Golf Books With Pictures: There are some great books out there about golf courses, golf course architecture etc. with beautiful big pictures and interesting information.
  • Hole #17 Go Shopping: A little retail therapy always helps. Buy a putter, play on the indoor putting green, maybe some new clothes, hit balls into a net, anything to get you out of the house!
  • Hole #18 Talk Golf: What golfer doesn’t enjoy talking about golf. Share golfing stories, discuss current affairs about golf. Talk about how you are going to play a lot of golf this year, work on your game, all those golf courses you are going to play that you haven’t played yet. Tweet about Golf!

It’s almost February (only 28 days in February!). March will fly by and you will be golfing before you know it!

I hope my Back 9 List™ helps you get through the final stretch of winter!


Front 9 List: How To Combat Golfer’s Withdrawal

Do you find yourself longing to smell the freshly cut grass on a golf course? Do you forget what it feels like to make contact on a golf ball with a club? My Front 9 List™ will help you get through the dog days of winter and ease the effects of Golfer’s Withdrawal.

  • Hole # 1 Watch Golf On TV: Blue skies, green grass, soothing commentary. I can see the snow melting already!
  • Hole # 2  Practice Your Putting: You get to feel contact with a golf ball. A glass, a ball, a putter and carpet are all you need!
  • Hole # 3  Play Wii Golf: Don’t get wrapped up in swing mechanics. Look at it as exercise and have fun! Oh ya! Keep your head down and your left arm straight!
  • Hole # 4  Plumb Bob Your House: You can find out if your house is level. If you can do the spider man pose, go for it!
  • Hole # 5  Indoor Golf Simulator: Play any course in the world. Every hole is the 19th. hole!
  • Hole # 6  Wear Your Golf Shoes: If you walk as carefully on your hardwood as you do on the greens, you’ll be ok. This will also fluff up your carpet!
  • Hole # 7  Clean Your Clubs: You can wash off all the bad shots from last season and you get to look at and play with your clubs!
  • Hole # 8  Make A Putting Green In The Snow: Start off with snow angels and before you know it you have a putting green in your backyard. A little water should get your green running at about 44 on the stimp meter!
  • Hole # 9  Use A Golf Calendar: Pictures of golf courses to look at every day. 3 more pictures and it will be spring!

Stay tuned for my Back 9 List™. More help is on the way!

If you have your own ways of dealing with Golfer’s Withdrawal, please share them with us by adding a comment.

I hope this helps you get through the winter!