Balance, The Key to Consistency

More errors in the golf swing are caused by poor balance than anything else. If the golfer is not in balance at address, he or she is likely to lose their balance during the swing, causing them to make a compensating move to regain their balance, thus changing their posture and causing an incorrect path of the club. If you are in balance at address, you can swing in balance and finish in balance, there by creating consistency.

This pre shot routine will help you set up to the ball in balance.

Grip the club and place it behind the ball pointing the club face at your target.

Place your feet together across from the ball at right angles to your target line and assume proper posture.

Move your feet closer to or further from the ball while maintaining proper posture until you feel your weight towards the balls of your feet.

Take your stance by spreading your feet apart until the inside of your heels are shoulder width apart, keeping in mind the correct ball position for the club you are using.

Rock from side to side until your weight is equal on both feet.

Now you are ready to swing!

When you finish your swing, your body should face your target with almost all your weight on your front foot. Hold this position for five seconds. This will train your muscles to remember this position and also help you to monitor your balance.


One response to “Balance, The Key to Consistency

  1. Balance is the key to any sport you play. You learn about having proper posture from a very young age.

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